Andrew Pollard was born in Silver Spring, Maryland on July 23rd 1986 to Charles and Jennifer Pollard. The family, including Andrew's brothers and sister Dannie, Dominique and Alicia all moved up to Washington for a better way of living. Andrew got his GED and registering into a Business Management program at Tacoma Community College. Annmarie Latrice Pollard, his daughter, was born in 2005, this gave Andrew a different outlook at his life. He started writing a book which he gave the title 'Guilty of Livin'. Chapter after chapter was getting done and finally after 6 months Andrew finally finished the book at the age of 19!

Andrew always enjoyed playing football so he joined the Pierce County Bengals. Andrew's mother, Jennifer and his girlfriend, Lauren, after reading his book, encouraged him to get it published.

Now the book, Guilty of Livin', is published, and this is not going to be his only book. Expect to see a lot more books of different stories and types to come from Andrew Pollard. Thank you for all the support and god bless.


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