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Everything was going perfect for Jontez Wright. He was a junior in high school and was already a top pick for colleges all around the United States in football, until one day at school what was supposed to be a regular fight ends up being more than what he can handle. His girl throughout his whole jail sentence ends up being closer to him than anyone would have thought she could have been. While his mom, Anne, and sister, Marcia, deal with life without Jontez, they get back another person in return. Marcia also has a surprise for the family along with more secrets ready to be found out about. Guilty of Livin' is about not forgetting the past but remembering it and always keeping in mind no matter how good you do, it can always come back to bite you.


Andrew Pollard wrote Guilty of Livin' when he was 19 years old. Andrew emphatically brings you on an emotional rollercoaster. His expresive writing leads the reader into his world and makes you feel apart of the story. He introduces a unique and original style of storytelling. GUILTY OF LIVIN`.



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